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Sirona is a 3 yr old sweet golden who was released early to us as a “Good Sam” exit.  After the legal hold/waiting period, she is officially ours. We can’t imagine anyone coming for her given her condition. She was rescue-only from the shelter with a huge cantaloupe-sized mass hanging off the side of her neck and many ticks even after her grooming.  

Sirona was obviously used as a breeder. Our rescue vet did x-rays, blood work and a needle biopsy.  The results thankfully are NOT cancer but they suspect either a foreign body or some type of granuloma with a good prognosis for surgical removal.  She had trouble swallowing and eating, so she is remarkably thin.  

We placed her immediately in a loving foster home who committed to take her for post-op recovery.  Sirona is fine with their cats, loves to give hugs & kisses to everyone she meets, and prefers turkey and rice to dog kibble.  

Surgery to remove the mass was performed on 2/10 and she came through like a champ.  We had to put her on a sedative as she felt so much better with this monster mass gone, she was ready to paw-ty! We need to keep her quiet until she completely recovers.

It took Sirona two days to accept a soft place to rest. From her foster mom…“She finally agreed to lay on the bed! She was licking my hand like I don’t deserve this but thank you. I let her know she is safe and loved and then she laid down.”

Update 2/16:  As the case in may surgeries where a large mass is removed, Sirona developed a seroma, big pocket of fluid that had built up in the area the mass was removed. She needed a couple of drains put in and was bandaged up to head back home. She will need to have her bandage changed daily to keep everything clean as the seepage continues, but hopefully the healing will be faster this way.

Update 2/20: She still has her drains in and we are awaiting to hear the results of pathology any day. Sirona has known more love and comfort in these past two weeks than she has her entire lifetime…and she is so grateful!

We are waiting on her spay to give her body time to heal and adjust to this big change in her life. 

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