On September 13th we said goodbye to our sweet girl Sassy. She had been a permanent foster with SCGRR since October 2012.

Thank you for entrusting Sassy/Cassie Pants to me for many beautiful years. She outlived all medical prognoses. Her spirit and heart were so full of love and joy.

Brenda Chilvers
Sassy’s mom


Sassy’s Journey:

Sassy was brought into rescue in 2012. A congenital heart defect and cataracts kept her in our permanent foster program.  Heart surgery on June 16th, 2012 closed the leak between the pulmonary artery and the aorta. The cardiologist predicts her lifespan to be 2-9+years.

Update May 27, 2017:  ” She is amazing with all the health hardships she was born with.  Her current appointment with her cardiologist showed a bit of a worsening mitrovalve issue but she is not showing too many heart disease signs yet.  She plays, runs, swims and has more play dates than I do.  Her cataract challenges are interesting.  Her recent appointment showed the size the same but her fear of strange shapes has been something new.  The doctor said that since she was born with cataracts and then having her lens enlarge in size didn’t make a difference for Sassy.  Her brain never made the connection to look on the outside of the ‘donut’ so she still is challenged by looking through the center.  I always say she looks like a model when she is trying to see, because her head cocks to one direction, very cute!  We are so thankful for her and she always brings a smile to everyone that meet her.   She is the best girl ever!”


Update September 8, 2019:   “Cassie is amazing and enjoying her time summer after her little tooth pulling complication. She continues to hold court on the front lawn and if she’s not out there, her friends aren’t bashful to knock on the door and ask her to come out. Everyone that meets her for the first time still think she’s a puppy. Her nickname is so suited as Cassie-Pants! Her golden retriever bloomers wiggle down the blocks of our neighborhood. She’s physically fit weight and limb wise, except for her loving heart.” Here are a few summer pics.