Yesterday we said goodbye to our permanent foster Sasha. Sasha and Wyatt, a bonded pair that came in to rescue last year were set for adoption but her health had them eligible for our permanent foster program. Wyatt will be adopted by his foster mom.

If we were to ask Sasha what would be on her bucket list, it would look like this:

Meals, walks at different parks and beaches to meet and greet as many people as possible, post-walk treats, TLC, shred a stuffed toy and then a nap… then REPEAT. Other times we had car rides, visits with friends and family, more treats (especially puppaccinos) and even met Santa.

Miss Sasha passed on Aug 18 after a short episode.  I have enjoyed being a foster mom for Sasha and Wyatt and happy I was able to give her 10 months of a golden retrievers bucket list life.


Sasha’s Journey

Six year old Sasha and nine year old Wyatt came into rescue in October 2019 when their owner passed away. The family, holding them in a dirt area, did not want to keep them. The first thing Wyatt did was roll around in the grass at his new foster home, a wonderful sight to see.  The two dogs could not be more different in temperament; Sasha lives in the moment, Wyatt ever the thinker and a perfect gentleman.

Vetting diagnosed Sasha with Cushing’s disease and transitional cell bladder cancer. She had to be shaved and anesthetized to remove hundreds of foxtails from her coat and ears. For months Sasha wore shirts made from scrub tops from her foster mom to protect her skin. Now her coat is growing in quite lovely.

Sasha’s cancer made her a candidate for our permanent foster program. Sasha and Wyatt have been together Sasha’s entire life; he is her ‘comfort dog’ so of course we made room for another pup!

Sasha’s prognosis is a year or so her foster mom (and Wyatt) are making each moment count.