Meet Stravis!


Meet Stravis!
Meet Stravis!
Meet Stravis!
Meet Stravis!

About Me

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Stravis came to us from a family who recently adopted him and discovered they were allergic to him. When our vet first saw Stravis, she said, “You should’ve named him Clifford. He is a big red dog.” And he’s a gentleman

He wants to sleep at the foot of your bed or better yet in your bed. He does not sleep in a dog bed and didn’t come with one, but he does like to fit into small places and got under his fosters bed. He sometimes goes underneath the computer table and will lay on top of his foster mom’s feet when she sits down. He figured out how to open the screen door after he’d been in his foster home for only half an hour! He carries a ball whenever he goes in or out the door with him – he won’t go either way without the ball. Like a lot of goldens, he likes to play catch, but he isn’t obsessive about it. He will occasionally bring a ball to you, but is not insistent. He plays with other toys like stuffed animals too.

His foster mom reports that they have had no trouble at all leaving him in the backyard with his foster canine brother. He does bark a little in the yard, probably because he doesn’t know the yard and the sounds are unfamiliar to him. Stravis obviously has never heard chickens before and was pretty surprised to see a horse on the bridle trail behind his foster home! He is very friendly to everyone he meets, even strangers who have entered the yard, are greeted with a tail wag and an invitation to pet him. He has not barked at anybody who’s come to the front door and has not tried to get out of the front door. He just wants a family and he’s willing to give all the love he’s got.

Stravis has been the perfect house guest in his foster home. He is house trained and has not bothered anything in the house that doesn’t belong to him. He does not counter surf or beg at the table. He gets along well with his canine foster brother. He’s always up for an adventure, especially if it involves a ride in the car.

Where Stravis does need some help is walking on a leash. He came with a gentle leader and he’ll need to be walked with it or a harness. He’s a big guy and pulls hard on the leash when walked without the gentle leader. He could use some training in that area. Otherwise, he is pretty perfect.

My Ideal Home

Being the Velcro dog that he is, Stravis would love to be a part of a family where is humans are home more often than not. He gets along well with his canine foster brother, but doesn’t necessarily need a canine companion to make him happy. He has a lot of love to give and his new family should be prepared for 100 pounds of love!

Want to Adopt me?

If you have room in your heart for a 100 pounds bundle of joy of love, are willing to work on his leash manners, AND have had a home visit with one of our volunteers, email his rep, Sharon, at and let her know about the life you’d share with Stravis.

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