Meet Cubby!


Meet Cubby!
Meet Cubby!
Meet Cubby!
Meet Cubby!
Meet Cubby!

About Me

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Meet Cubby, a 10 month old “honorary Golden” Mix that we rescued in Mexico, where he was treated for mange and ehrlichia and anaplasmosis. He is clear of those tick-born diseases now and ready to go to his new home.

When cubby was first rescued in Mexico, the only hair on his body was on his ears and he weighed only 27 lbs. The little bit of fur had a golden tint, thus, our rescue partner called us to see if we would take him. And we did. Once his hair started growing back, it was clear that (oooops) he’s not a Golden! His fur came in short and brindley! He now weighs a whooping 41 pounds (with room to grow). SCGRRescue keeps its word and will help him find his fur-ever home.

Cubby is a shy boy but warms up with patience (and treats). Once he knows you, he is very friendly and playful. He loves other dogs and is very good with them. He can run and run and run. He leaps and jumps and rolls! Lots of good athletic entertainment. When he returns home, he will sleep the rest of the afternoon!

Cubby learned house manners pretty quickly. Initially he jumped up and stole stuff from the counter a lot. He was afraid of his foster dad, but with patience and treats, he is trusting him more and more. When the leash comes out, Cubby knows it’s “WALK TO THE PARK” time. He won’t come to you immediately, and instead zooms around the room a few times, then dives to the floor in front of his foster dad for the leash to be attached to his collar. He does pull a lot, but don’t all puppies! He’s afraid of the pool, but will paddle to the step as fast as he can.

My Ideal Home

Belly rubs are his favorite past-time. Being a shy dog, he is always ready to roll onto his back. Cubby will need a family to build his confidence, help him gently experience new things, treat him with kindness, get him out to run and play and get his zoomies out! Another friendly, energetic doggy buddy is important in Cubby’s new home. A confident, younger dog would be ideal.

We don’t know if Cubby ever lived with kids, so older (12+) is the safest choice, especially for his shy personality. A yard will be important, and a family that is active and patient at the same time.

Want to Adopt me?

If you think Cubby would love living with you, please contact his rep at

Cubby is in rescue with We require both on-line application and a home interview be completed before we can consider you for any of our rescue dogs.

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