On Friday, 9/11, our permanent foster Nikita, lovingly known as Niki, crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Niki, a 12 year old golden-chow mix came to us three months ago. She was a special girl who needed so much TLC.  Niki had been an outdoor dog her whole life and was skin and bones when she arrived. We worked with the rescue vet to see why she was losing weight and tried to fatten her up.  She was such a picky eater and in the end would only eat chicken and hard boiled eggs…she knew if I gave her a scrambled one.

Niki fit in well with our boys. She loved to go outside and follow them around the yard. She ended up stealing their bed, which was fine as they had others to choose from.

Niki suffered from dementia but in the end respiratory infection, and most likely cancer took her.  We will miss her and her little quirks ~ like wanting to get dried with a towel when she was not wet.

Thank you SCGRR for allowing us to care for Nikita

Run free sweet girl!