It is with a heavy heart that I share with you  that our sweet Lucky Dog (Clarkie)  crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on August 15th. My heart is broken.

He left this earthly plain peacefully as he lay in my lap (his favorite place)  surrounded with the love of myself, Dave, our INCREDIBLE vet Dr. Leia Castaneda.

Although we only had 17 short months together he experienced life to the fullest!  On Sundays we would put him in his red wagon and take him with us to our favorite bar to listen to a live band called “Vignes Rooftop Revival” . Although he was hard of hearing, we soon discovered he LOVED the vibration or sound of the clarinet….he was drawn to the clarinet player and laid down beside him…sometimes even put his nose up into the instrument as he played!

He explored a lot of DTLA with us in his Red Wagon always getting LOTS of attention, pets and love.

Lucky always had his favorite 5 stuffies with him and a few months of settling in to his furever home, he found his voice. He rarely barked but “rooed” often. To me, it was the cutest sound on earth.

This past May we purchased a home where Lucky was able to relax and enjoy a “Home” vs. an “Urban Loft” lifestyle during his final months. It didn’t really matter where he lived, he just wanted to be wherever we were but he seemed to really enjoy the environment of the house or maybe we were more at peace, and so was he.

During this strange time of COVID, I have been home since the beginning of March. He has been my constant companion, my confidant and my therapy. Not sure what I will do now that he is gone.

When he was transitioning, I whispered in his ear to look for Lulubelle and Tai (my 2 previous rescued Senior Goldens) to help show him around….that night as I looked into the night sky there was a single BRIGHT star and 2 faint stars trailing behind centered in the navy colored sky. I choose to believe that was Lucky letting me know he made it and he found Lulu and Tai.

Thank you for bringing Lucky into my life……he was a bright star and I will carry him in my heart always.

Much Love,