On June 25th, our beautiful Lexi suddenly and unexpectedly crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Despite her fears and quirks, she was a trustworthy companion right away at home.   She loved her walks, running, playing with her tennis balls, laying out in the yard in the sun, swimming, and loved everyone she met.

It is suspected that Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) took her life suddenly with no signs in the early morning.  She was just becoming a staple in our lives and her personality flourishing.  She accomplished going through our kitchen, which she wouldn’t have any of at the beginning.   She knew the neighborhood and where all the dogs lived and looked for them on her walks.  She had her comfy spots on the couch and futon in my office, our bed occasionally, behind the Barbecue in the shade and squished in between the coffee table and the couch on the floor.  She learned the doggy door quickly to go out at her leisure.

Her bark was preceded with a short trilling howl when she wanted something.  She loved her doggy ice cream and knew she’d get one occasionally after eating at night, and which helped the kitchen anxiety as well.  She knew where the freezer was for her ice cream.  We found out unexpectedly she loved to swim in the pool at Tina’s work last fall. She jumped in after a ball to get it and take a swim.  She loved being brushed out.  She liked coming over to you, putting her head down for a neck rub, then turning around, sitting down to get the back of her neck rubbed, then laying down between your feet on the floor.   She was a peach!  Always well behaved, and happy when we came home from being out somewhere.  We had her 6 weeks before going to Egypt last November, and she was so good while we were gone, she dug once in grass, but that was all.   She discovered the geckos in our yard and would watch them crawl up on the house from behind the bushes in the backyard. She took such an interest.

We were just getting to REALLY know her, and wish she was still here.  We love you Lexi and for sure will miss you always. You were taken too soon.

Russ and Tina