Seven and a half years ago we rescued our sweet golden retriever, Kandi (her rescue name was Keather), from SCGRR. When we met her at her foster home, she was shy and timid and could barely get to the front of the pack of her fur siblings, for us to meet her too well; but nonetheless, it was love at first sight between Kandi and us. Soon after she came home with us, Kandi became the boss of our house by notifying us when she was ready for her 2 walks per day, her meals, and cuddle time. We immediately realized that it was Kandi who rescued us – from loneliness.

Unfortunately, this week, just shy of her 12th birthday, her body succumbed to her failing kidneys. Not only was she our family dog, but she was part of our whole neighborhood, because as everyone says “everyone loves Kandi”. She had a wonderful smile, a sweet purring sound when she was getting cuddles, and an annoyed friendly bark when someone stopped petting her. We will remember her fondly and will always cherish our time with her.

The true “Velcro Golden” always wanted to be touching her dad, even while she was asleep and no matter the position!

Thank you for all that you do. Thanks to SCGRR we had a wonderful furry family member, who has now left us with such sweet memories,

Debbie Fils