International Dogs Need Your Help!

International Dogs Need Your Help!

Help us get them here! 

SCGRR has rescue partnerships with countries all over the world, including China, Mexico, South Korea, and Turkey. These dogs come from extremely dire situations and find hope in a new life here in the USA.


This could not be possible without our brave partners on the ground in these countries who rescue, triage, and care for the dogs until we can get them here and into their new foster homes. From all countries except Mexico, we rely on flight volunteers who have already booked travel to LAX and agree to bring a dog as their cargo. This provides a better experience for the dogs and helps us manage expenses.

Help from supporters like you in 2020 made it possible to save a number of these dogs from horrible situations despite the challenges of a pandemic. We love seeing them thrive in their new homes. SCGRR wants to be able to do even more in 2021!

This year, we have already safely landed two dogs from South Korea and have ten more in our pipeline. Five more Goldens are now waiting in South Korea for their ride and we have also committed to five dogs from China in the near future.

Getting these dogs here is incredibly expensive. We need your help! The average cost for SCGRR to bring a dog from overseas include flight costs of $2,500 per dog, up to $450 in boarding expenses and medical costs of approximately $1,000 as many dogs need treatment for heartworm, other diseases, or injuries. These adorable Goldens are worth every penny – priceless! 

How can you help? 

We have launched a GoFundMe campaign to specifically to fund our International dogs through 2021 with a target goal of $60,000.

Whatever we raise past our goal will allow us to commit to better lives for more dogs that need our help around the world. We are currently seeking a reputable rescue partner in Turkey in hope to save many more abandoned Goldens in need.

You can donate straight from THIS page by selecting the yellow DONATE NOW button on the menu bar, top right of this page, or directly through our GoFundMe page. Share the link with family and friends, join or create your own fundraising team. Exclusive SCGRR International T-shirts will be available soon for purchase through our online store.

We could not do this without your support! Please join us in our mission to bring these Golden Retrievers to the U.S. and give them the life they deserve.

On behalf of the dogs that will benefit from your generosity, we express our heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks.