Ginger Louise

Ginger Louise (SCGRR Gingee) passed away on Wednesday, May 6th 2020.

I am so grateful that we found each other. Thank you Lori from SCGRR and Ginger’s foster Naomi for pulling her from the shelter and fostering her.

I had Ginger for just under a year, but we connected so well it felt like a lifetime. We went to work every day together where she got to socialize with all of her adoring coworkers and take plenty of naps.

We’ve been on many sauntering walks where she got to sniff new smells. She was a sassy princess who got home cooked meals, her own couch, and 4 separate dog beds around our home. She deserved everything and I miss cooking for her.

She was deaf and the only thing that would ever make her bark was her own foot coming up to scratch her ear.

I wrote the following after one of our last vet appointments when she was with us. It doesn’t begin to describe how wonderful she was:

I love Ginger so much.
She always smells like corn chips and warm laundry.
She has the world’s most comforting snore.
She has the softest fur.
She loves to be “it” in Hide n’ Seek.
She is a food critique.
She is a comedian.
She’s deaf but a great listener.
She’s the best girl.

~ Amanda