It is with much sadness that I share with you the news that our sweet Finnean (aka Finny) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Christmas Eve morning from cancer.  We were so fortunate to have him for almost 6 years.

When we first adopted Finny, he suffered from separation anxiety, and he was very nervous.  Having a very strong need to be part of the “pack”, Finny just wanted to hang out with us.  But with a lot of reassurance, love, and patience, Finny finally trusted that we were not ever going to leave or abandon him, and he settled in nicely and confidently.

Finny went everywhere with us…… countless trips all over California, hiking trails, beaches, restaurants, parks, a bowling alley, retail stores, and even church.  He was so well behaved, and everyone who met him loved him.

Finny made us laugh more than any dog we have ever owned.  His quirky and “go for it” personality endeared him to all family members and devoted neighbors.  By far his favorite things to do were his “sniffaris” around the neighborhood, his daily visits with the neighbors,  hanging out with his family, and begging for pizza!  He never asked for much, except to be with his pack.

Finny, we were so blessed to have you become a permanent member of our family.  We love you and miss you.  You will always be in our hearts.

Thank you Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue for choosing us to be Finny’s mom and dad. <3

Thank you,

Mike and Jenny Lee