It is with a broken heart that I must relay the news our sweet Elder dog passed away on Tuesday, November 10 at 4:30 pm.

Only 14 months ago, on September 9, 2019 our family adopted “Roger,” from your organization.  We lovingly re-named him ELDER and he was our most beloved, most darling boy.  When we first got Elder, he was very thin (only 70 lbs), his coat was shaved choppy and he was so melancholy, frail, and weak (couldn’t even make it up our stairs at home).  He slept on the hard wood floor and didn’t move too much.  Within the first week, we had him going on short daily walks to build strength, feeding him fat bombs (made with eggs, oats, PB, beef, flax) as well as good quality kibble, and sleeping in a big comfy dog bed right next to mom in the master bedroom.  By December we had him up to 90 pounds walking three miles a day, his coat had grown out long and beautiful and he was happy as could be.  Elder eventually got to 103 pounds and could walk for 5-6 miles.  He became strong and joyful.  He was a very good and very strong dog.

Elder became the lover of our family; always begging for scratches and loves.  He loved toys and would carry them around and bring them to me all day long, just to show me.  He loved to eat.  He would eat fruit and vegetables, sneaking nectarines from the backyard tree and always ate his food happily.

From the first time we took Elder to the vet, he showed a low blood platelet count, which they assumed was old Lyme disease.  We gave him a round of antibiotics to ensure his health against the effects of Lyme.  What we know now is that Elder actually most likely had cancer all along.  None of his numbers were alarming enough to tip off the typical vet visits and he was a strong and stoic dog.  We had no idea.  And maybe that was for the best.

Our sweet boy, our wonderful Elder dog.  We all gathered around him and gave him so much love as he passed.  Our hearts are broken.

We only got to love Elder for 14 months, but we loved each other unconditionally.  He will forever hold the most special place in our family.  I know we helped him heal and we know we gave him a joyous last year of life.  Thank you dearly for your part in bringing us together.


The Richards Family