Cody and his littermate Callie were surrendered back in May 2020. A sweet pair, they were posted for adoption and family selected when we noticed a lump on Cody not previously noted.  Diagnostics revealed bad news….cancer.  Given the type of cancer and the location of the mass, it most likely already had grown through the skull and removal just is not possible.

With these results we welcomed Cody in to our permanent foster program and since he arrived with his sister, she too remained in our care.

Sadly, Cody lost his battle with cancer on Christmas eve. He was given his best life ever with his foster family who will now be adopting Callie.

From his foster mom:  “I was honored to be asked to be his permanent foster mom, keeping him together with his bonded sister Callie. They were the ideal lockdown buddies!

Always smiling, goofy and uncoordinated, Cody was a very happy guy. He was the Velcro dog of the pair, never letting mom out of sight. He liked to curl up at or on my feet, while Callie prefers the comfort of the couch.

Cody was the more confident of the two, the leader in social situations. He left the ball playing to Callie, preferring the soft toys. We had a walking routine, dictated by Cody. He had to be the one in the middle and usually just a little bit in front to lead the way.


They were just lovely together. 

Oh Cody, we love and miss you! Run free and I will take good care of Callie.”

We cannot express enough gratitude to these amazing families who provide loving a loving home through end-of-life care.  They are truly rescue angels.